Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting you from your personal information. Your personal information is one of the most important resources for It is protected by sophisticated security software. We also use a third party to verify and endorse the privacy principles of our website including services. If you object to our system of processing your personal information for transportation or use by any means, please send your request to [email protected]

We do not sell your personal information in any way or lease it to any third-party without your consent first., You have full right to opt-out from any of the e-commerce platform belongs to the group.

Registration - Personal Account                       appropriate safety techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorized, illegal or unauthorized access to, loss or destruction of your information. When we collect data through the site, we store your personal information on a database within a secure e-mail server. We use firewall systems on our servers. When we collect payment details electronically, we protect them by using encryption, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), making it difficult for any intruder to decrypt your information as we cannot guarantee 100% protection. We strongly advise you not to send full credit or debit card details when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption. We provide material, electronic and direct procedural safeguards for the collection or disclosure of your information. Our security procedures require that we sometimes ask you to verify your identity before we disclose your personal information to you. It is your responsibility to protect your password and computer from any unauthorized access.

The process of recording the information (your personal information) you provide to us to complete your purchase and also to contact you. You must accept the principle of using your personal information in order to handle the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your identity during the follow-up process to deliver the purchase order.

The information you provide during the registration process is data protected according to the terms of the privacy protection described above. Your personal information is part of your own record of your transactions with our Services. If you use our website, you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account and password, as well as preventing access to your PC / mobile, and you are responsible for all transactions executed through your personal account using your password. assumes no liability to any person for any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to protect your password or any other information relating to your personal account. If suspicious transactions are suspected in your personal account, please notify us immediately by any means (contact us).



By agreeing to use the Site and our electronic services, you agree to receive our e-mail in all its forms through e-mail, periodicals, notices or alerts posted on the websites belongs to Zaid Alhussain and Brother Group. Accordingly, you implicitly agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are legally binding and shall be treated as transactional transactions.

We have the right to monitor, record and save any telephone call, e-mail or any other form of electronic communication with you for training purposes in order to verify the advice and comments directed to us and to improve and develop the quality of service provided to our customers.

Other uses of your personal information

We may use your personal information in surveys and marketing research, as you wish, for statistical purposes with full confidentiality and you may withdraw at any time. Your information will be used with all e-commerce platform if Zaid Alhussain and Brother Group only We do not send any responses to third parties. Your email address is not disclosed unless you wish to participate in the competitions. We keep polling answers in a place that is completely separate from your private email

We may have to transfer our databases that include your personal information. Except as provided in our Privacy Policy, we will not sell or disclose your personal data to a third party without your prior consent unless necessary for the purposes of this Privacy Policy or if required by law. The site may contain third-party ads or links to other sites or frames for other sites. We note that we are not responsible for any third party's privacy policy or the content of those policies applied to other sites, nor are we responsible for any third party to whom we transmit your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The site may contain third-party ads or links to other sites or frames for other sites. We also note that we are not responsible for any third party's privacy policy or the content of those policies applied to other sites, nor are we responsible for any third party to whom we transmit your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Shopping Bag

 We reserve the full right to limit the number of items selected per person or per order in the Shopping Bag. The Maximum quantity per product is 3 only. The order system applies to materials ordered from the same account or credit card as well as orders using the same shipping address or billing address. We will send an alert to the customer if the material identification system has been applied to his / her account.

Product details, stock, and prices

Content and images are intended for illustration and publicity and are not considered the primary reference of the product.

Publication of details about products or services (including, but not limited to: marketing brochures, advertisements, trade shows, and small publications) on the website is not a guarantee of the availability of products, offers or prices either through e-shopping or in any of our online exhibitions.

Errors may occur during product or order delivery or pricing information on the website. The website cannot provide you with product prices individually or know the total cost of the product until you receive your entire electronic order. If the request is made, the invoice for the product was issued, the price was incorrect, or the information received was incorrect due to an error in recording the correct price or product or service information. In this case, the website has the right to contact you via customer service or by email to clarify Cause the error and how to deal with it or cancel your order and send notice of cancellation.

an effort to offer you the best and lowest prices on the website in addition to all our showrooms,

The availability of inventory of products as well as the quotation are subject to change without prior notice.

 Order process

After any placed the order using Cash on Delivery, he or she will be sent an e-mail asking them to confirm their request by clicking the provided link in the email.  If the customer fails to do so, in the first attempt, a second reminder email will be send, The order will auto cancel within 72 hours of sending the first email, when the Customer confirms the request by e-mail or any other means that the website can use in that will be treated as a confirmed request and take the post-order procedures.

Shipping process

Delivery and delivery process takes 3-10 working days after the order process and confirmation except for national and religious holidays, depending on the proximity or after the area where the goods are to be received.


Some of the goods are excluded in the supply to the customer through freight. The site has the right to change the delivery and delivery policy without prior warning equivalent with the regulations and the public interest.

Cancellation of order

Cancellation of the order requested on We reserve the right to cancel the customer's request for any of the following reasons:

- Payment failed

Customer purchase more than 3 pieces of the same product.

If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or the contact information is wrong or because of inability to reach the customer

The customer does not respond to the confirmation link sent to him/her with upon placing an order within 72 hours from the order placement date.

Order canceled by Customer

If the customer wishes to cancel the order, you must contact us first. You can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:

If the order has not been delivered or shipped to you at the specified time. If canceled after shipping or sending the order you will be charged a cancellation fee. We reserve the absolute right to match the time when your order was shipped with the time that the cancellation request was sent.

We can provide/deliver the required product/service within a reasonable period of (7) business days from the day the order is confirmed by the customer and can be exceptions due to errors at the courier service providers.

Return, exchange and refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with the product, or if there is a defect in the product, within 14 days from the receipt of the product ordered, you may request a "return/product return request" to return the product to the PLANTS)

You must contact us to fill out the "Request for Refund" form before you initiate the recovery process. The refund request is valid for 14 days from the date of delivery

If the product is returned due to a defect in the product or a defect from the manufacturer or as a result of damage during the delivery of the product or due to the delivery of the wrong or incorrect product, no additional charges will be charged for the shipping service or the bank transfer fees. Refunds for other reasons, (Customer need to change the product or change customer's desire in general) will be charged shipping charges or bank transfer charges to the customer.

When processing the return order of the product, the product must be in its original state with all accessories and with an instruction manual. We do not accept the return of products containing scratches or were damaged due to misuse. We have the right not to accept the return of products that do not meet the above criteria.

- For health reasons, some items are not replaceable or return.

- Items and products to be replaced or returned for inspection by the sultan garden center warehouse to ensure that the product is not damaged after the sale and reserved the right to accept the return or not.

Return and Exchange

The Return and Exchange of Sultan garden center policy provides a clear vision of how the product can be returned in a manner that satisfies the customer and preserves the company's rights.

If you do not want the product or it is defective products, the return order request to be made using the My account on sultan garden center website or sending an email to [email protected] within 14 days of receiving your order from the shipping company to return the product to the